Someone Needs To Tell The Blackhawks They Can Win In Regulation

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At the end of the day, I know I shouldn’t really be upset that the Hawks have recorded at least a point in each of their first five games. There are plenty of teams that would be happy to have 8 points through five games (Looking at you, Vegas). To be tied for first in the division is a good position to be in. Yes, it’s still incredibly early in the season but not a whole lot was expected out of this team. This might be the only point in the season we get to brag about leading the division and I’m going to take advantage of that.

But can we PLEASE win one game in regulation? The Blackhawks are a pretty historic franchise and there are a lot of veterans on this year’s team. It stands to reason therefore, that someone along the way would know that the NHL rules and regulation allow for one team to outscore the other within the first 60 minutes of game play. No where in the rule book does it state that the member clubs of the National Hockey League are required to play into extra time.

What may have happened was that a few years ago, the NHL amended their overtime rules in regards to the number of skaters on the ice. It’s possible that something got mixed up in translation between Toronto and Chicago and the Blackhawks may have misinterpreted those new rules. The only confusing thing about this possible scenario is that those rules changes happened a couple of years ago. While this may not make any apparent sense, it is the only reasonable explanation why the Blackhawks have become the first team in NHL history to open their season with five consecutive OT games.

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