Breaking Down Hockey Dudes: CHN Top Ten Preview: A Postview

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For all intents and purposes, today is the start of the college hockey season. I’m excited. I’m not excited for specific players or teams, and I’m certainly not here to give you my top 6 defenders in the Hockey East. I’m excited because today is the day I’m full of optimism, promising myself that I’ll be a better college hockey fan. It’s like the first day you finally start that diet (again). But not me, this is my “first diet” ever.

My college hockey fandom to this point has consisted of buying sweaters, attending some live events, and checking out the frozen four tournament. Oh, and betting on games I knew nothing about. But not this year. This year I’m going to consume all the college hockey I can. This is my promise to me… and to you.

Inevitably, I will fall short. I will not be able to tell you who the backup goaltender for St. Cloud St is. *They actually basically have two starters (I know this due to the preview i just read). But, at the end of the day, I can comfort myself in knowing that even if I’m a “bad fan”, I won’t be the people I’m about to break down.

Being a seasoned user of the world wide web, I promptly googled “college hockey news” to get my college hockey news of the day. Twitter was a bit painful to look at with the Hawks beating themselves last night (BLOG LINK!). I sure did find a gem. They give some good hockey news. Of course, like any good fan, I clicked on the top ten list to see who’s gonna be good this year… even though it’s the same teams every year (not a bad thing). Hockey this… Minnesota not on the list that…. COMMENT SECTION. I did a deep dive in to the 7 total comments. Here are my three favorite:

1. Fucking Penn St Fans Guy


Nitlyn is mad. What negative comment could have set off Nitlyn on this mini rant? WARNING: not for children or faint of heart.

“One day, Penn State will find a goaltender that turns the offensive juggernaut Guy Gadowsky has created into a true national title contender”


I’ve always kind of hated Penn St fans, having grown up in NW PA… but Nitlyn has to be my favorite so far. I’ll have you know I watched 60 min of Penn St last year and that goaltender SUCKED.

2. Minnesota St Lovable Loser Guy

andrew daballer

I love the very Minnesota Nice “c’mon man, I’m just looking for answers here” This is a stark contrast to the trash filth Penn St fan from before. At first glance, I’m inclined to believe Mr. Da Baller just based on his politeness. But we work hard here at CoM (can we make that a thing, Mike?), so I did some research. Minnesota St. is a perennial LOSER, but like the kind you love. Pre 2016 Cubs status.

Some Facts: They were Div II until 1997. They joined the WCHA but have only one one conf title (2015) [and the tourney in 2014]. In the great conference re alignment of 2013 the premier programs in the WCHA, Minnesota, St. Cloud St, and Minn-Deluth, left the conference and Minny St. in the dust for the greener pastures of the NCHC. That conference is kind of a wagon.

The comment makes so much more sense now.

3. Bashes Basketball Guy

nba guy

There’s always gotta be one. Thanks nailheadtom for taking a shot at the NBA. I also enjoy that he is both “bashes basketball guy” and “rankings are stupid” guy.

So there you have it. This sport is just like all the other sports.Hope you enjoyed a stroll through the CHN comments.


Credit for original article: CHN.


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