Goodnight Sweet Prince

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The Marian Hossa era of the Chicago Blackhawks is over. Ok, maybe it ended last year when it came out that Hoss literally couldn’t put on his pads but now it’s official.

Yesterday the Blackhawks traded Marian Hossa(‘s contract), Vinnie Hinostroza, Jordan Oesterle, and a 2019 third round pick to the Arizona Coyotes in return for Marcus Kruger, Mackenzie Entwistle, Jordan Maletta, Andrew Cambell and a 2019 fifth round pick.

Obviously the piece that stands out the most is Marian Hossa. Even though he wasn’t able to play last season and is not expected to return to the ice anytime soon (if ever), it’s still sad to see him officially not a Hawk. Going into the 2009-10 season, the Blackhawks were a team looking to contend. The past few seasons they had promising playoff runs but still came up short. Their young core was obviously talented but was missing that one piece to push them over the edge. Cue Marian Hossa. The 12 year veteran brought over what the Hawks lacked: experience. More importantly, playoff experience. As a member of the Red Wings the previous season he had lost in the Cup Finals in seven games to the Penguins. The year before that, a member of the Penguins, he had lost in the Cup Finals in six games to the Red Wings. Marian Hossa and the Chicago Blackhawks were a perfect fit for each other. Each of them had something to prove. The 2009-10 season had a lot of special moments for the Blackhawks and their fans. One of the best though was Marian Hossa, after his third consecutive Finals appearance, hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup, validated.

Over the next few seasons a lot of names and faces would change. But the core always remained Kane, Toews, and Hossa. That core would add two more banners over the next several seasons and forced many people to wonder about their dynasty status. Even if his contract may have hampered the team’s front office at times, it was worth it. Nothing the Hawks did could have been done without him. When the news came out about his illness last year, it was heartbreaking. Not to lose a player, or because of his contract or whatever, but because you hate to see a guy that loves the game so much have to end it like that. The whole season I secretly hoped he would be able to come back, I think a lot of fans did. Even if it’s not as a member of the Hawks, I would love it see it once more. To see Hoss go out on his own terms. He earned it.

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