Corey Crawford Likely To Miss Game 1

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Let’s be honest, this is “news” in the same way of your parents telling you that Santa isn’t real when your ten years old. Yeah, you pretty much already knew that but there was half a percent that thought “But maybe…”

Crawford shouldn’t be rushed back anyways. This exact situation is the reason they signed Cam Ward to a one year contract. And while the Blackhawks struggled mightily without Crow last season it’s not like they would have won the Stanley Cup with him on the ice. It’s the same thing this year. Hopefully the Hawks will return to the playoffs but they are facing an uphill battle. It’s going to take more than the return of Corey Crawford to turn this team around.

All the Hawks need is for Ward or Delia to play decently well until 2019 when hopefully Crow will be back at full strength. After last year’s goaltending gauntlet, the bar is set nice and low for the Blackhawks’ backups.

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