2:00 PM Weekday Games Are The Worst Thing In The History Of All Mankind

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I am not an unreasonable man. I like my beer cold, my pizza hot, and my hockey games to be played at a time that is reasonably watchable.

During a long day in the office yesterday I tried to turn on some hockey to break up the monotony. Nothing to break up the day quite like some October hockey to overreact to. Who happened to be playing yesterday? It was a perfect match up between Vegas and Buffalo, two cities I have a deep personal connection with. Could not have worked out better. Except for the fact that by the time I looked at the schedule at 6:30 the game had already been over for a couple of hours. As a matter of fact, of the four hockey games played last night, three of them started at 2:00 PM and the fourth started at 10:00 PM. So if you felt like watching hockey yesterday, fuck you.

2:00 o’clock in the afternoon on a Monday is not a reasonable time to play a hockey game. By 2:00 PM I’ve barely worked up the courage to look at how badly my fantasy football team got demolished. It’s barely registered in my mind to look at hockey twitter at that point, much less turn on a game. And I’m living in the same time zone that the game is being played. For the Golden Knights fans trying to watch yesterday’s game they had to turn it on at 11:00 AM. You know what most people are doing at 11:00 AM on a Monday morning, Gary Bettman? Convincing themselves not to quit their jobs.

That’s just the people that have jobs though. Because apparently there are over 18,000 people in the Western New York area that don’t have anywhere else to be at 2:00 PM on a Monday. I’m not here to judge the fans though. However, I will say that the Sabres probably would have had a lot more support if they scheduled the game for literally almost any other time.

I can already hear the arguments about road trips and travel and all that nonsense. Here’s my rebuttal: I don’t care. You want people to watch hockey? Put it on at time that I won’t have to set an alarm for. Figure it out NHL. You’re better than this.

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