Beat The Mondays

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It’s Monday. And the day started off bad before you even got to work. As you were backing out of your driveway some idiot high schooler on summer vacation comes this close to hitting you. It nearly gave you a heart attack but Becky didn’t even look up from her phone while she was tweeting how #blessed she was for being first in line at Starbucks this morning. Your heart rate came back down eventually but as you were waiting to make a left turn the moron in front of you just. won’t. go. The light is green and there’s plenty of space between cars but his foot doesn’t come off the gas until the light is going from yellow to red, leaving you to sit through a whole extra light. While you were sitting at the light there was actually a law that got passed that gave cars turning right on red higher priority than cars with a green left turn arrow. At least that’s what dumbass number three thought. You got cut off three more times on the way and one even dared to honk at you because they weren’t paying attention. By the time you Mad Max’d yourself down Fury Road to work all the good spots were gone in the parking lot. You were ready to punch someone the second you walked through those doors but because you can’t, here are some guys that can.

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